Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Clifton Forge, Virginia


The most popular Ecothings were collages and posters of various sorts.

Casey presents her eco-collage.

Grace also had an eco-collage.

Cassidy's poster showed frog development in detailed sketches.

Derek's detailed poster is a complete tour through the three weeks.

Did you notice that Allyson's poster spelled out "ECOTHING"?


Shape collages were popular.

Krista's collage represented a pitcher plant.

Rebecca's was in the shape of a northern red oak leaf.

Rebecca's ecothing was a spotted salamander on one side and a collage on the other -- complete with detaching tail!

Eric's maple leaf collage had an accompanying "key" leaf.

It's difficult to read, but each of the pictures is identified on the second leaf.


Several participants wrote poetry for their Ecothing.

Hannah's untitled poem had accompanying artwork illustrating "Imagine the Earth in your hands".

Thanks for a wonderful Governor's School!

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