Tuesday, June 21, 2015

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Clifton Forge, Virginia

A Trip to the Vernal Pool at Douthat State Park

The trip to the vernal pool at Douthat State Park is always a Governor's School favorite.

Wading in the vernal pool muck.


In addition to visiting the vernal pool, we also added species to our wildflower e-guide projects.


Our "official" Salamander Session group photo. Click on the photo for a full-size version.

Critters of the Day

The Eastern Box Turtle is not only well-protected by being able to withdraw completely into its shell, but also is camouflaged by looking remarkably like a rock.

We almost always see a Green Frog in this vernal pool. This year's frog was remarkably mellow, and allowed us to get good close-up photos.

This tiny Spring Peeper is less than an inch long. The "X" on the dorsal side (aka "back") makes the identification definitive.

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