Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Clifton Forge, Virginia

Code of Conduct

The following rules are in effect each day during the Governor's School program and for the period of time during which participants are being transported to and from the program and field sites.

1. It is expected that students will treat fellow students and staff members courteously, respecting the personal rights of others.

2. It is expected that students will respect the personal property rights of others. This includes appropriate care of facilities and materials belonging to Dabney S. Lancaster Community College. In case of intentional or accidental damage to property, cost of the damage will be assessed and billed to the student's parents.

3. It is expected that students will attend all scheduled activities.

4. Possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs is absolutely forbidden and will result in automatic and immediate dismissal and removal from the program.

5. Personal electronic equipment of all sorts (iPods, radios, video games, computer games, etc.) is not allowed. Cell phones may be carried but not used while Governor's School is in session, including field trips. Cell phone service is not available on most of the field trips.

6. The Governor's School is a rigorous academic experience for highly qualified students. Although students are expected to enjoy the activities, acquisition of knowledge is our goal--not simply having fun. It is expected that students who are accepted will apply themselves wholeheartedly to all phases of the experience and receive maximum benefit from the program.

7. It is expected that students refrain from engaging in age-inappropriate social interaction during the Governor's School session as well as abide by the camping code of conduct while on overnight excursions.

8. The Governor's School recognizes the importance of social interaction between and among groups of students, but this interaction is not to interfere with the importance given activities of the program.


Discipline Procedures

In the event of suspected infraction of Code of Conduct standards, any person involved may report the incident to the Program Directors. The Director(s) will interview the student(s) involved in the alleged incident. All parties will be given full due process rights including opportunity to present their views and any pertinent evidence to the Disciplinary Review Board consisting of the Governor's School staff. The decision of this Board regarding any disciplinary action will be final. The Program Directors will inform the parents/guardians and the school division by phone, then by follow-up letter, of the decision of the Board. Any infraction of the Code of Conduct verified by the Disciplinary Review Board will result in immediate dismissal and removal from the School.

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