Your "Ecothing" for Governor's School may be one of the following:

Ecology News

  1. Identify and cut out fifteen news articles and/or cartoon from any newspaper during Governor's School. Mount them by glue or tape on three-hole punched paper and place appropriately in your notebook.
  2. These weekly items must be related to some aspect of ecology and must be labeled with source and date.
  3. Preface your articles with a one-page description of the three articles that most impressed you. Include a brief summary of each of these articles, why it especially "caught" your attention, and your reactions to the information.
  4. On our last day you are to orally share with the rest of us a review of the three noteworthy articles.

- or -

Ecology Collage

Construct a collage that depicts your feeling or concept of ecology and share this with us on the last day.

- or -

Ecology Poetry

Develop a poem (or use prose, if poetry is not your "thing") of your own that expresses your feeling or concept of ecology to share iwth us on the last day.

- or -

Ecology Art

Develop an art form that expresses your feeling or concept of ecology to share with use on the last day.



Clearly relates directly to concepts explored during the past three weeks. A personal connection is obvious. Relates to concepts explored in Governor's School. No clear link between topic and Governor's Schoool is noted.
Written material is completed with word processor or "artistic penmanship." Poems or prose are in-depth and include artisitic embellishment. 3-D artwork reveals many hours of effort. Prose or poetry is neatly written in pen. Length is sufficient to imply hours of effort. Artistic quality of artwork is apparent. Prose or poetry is written in pencil or in ink with spelling errors and scribbled words. Length is insufficient to imnply hours of effort. Artwork is hastily put together (and may be falling apart).
Above what is expected; unusual expression of an idea or concept (likely relates to a personal experience during Governor's Schoo). Great idea that finds expression in the Ecothing. Very little thought is apparent; no theme or rationale for the project. Perhaps a "night before" effort.
Very engaging. Everyone in the room feels the connection made by this ecothing. Powerful in the message and its delivery to the group. Evokes emotion. Well articulated description and explanation. Ecological link is made obvious to all present. A sense of pride in the finished product is apparent. Poor explanation for the project. No real personal or ecological link is made.


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