June 15 through July 6, 2007

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Clifton Forge, Virginia

First Day

Second Day (Roaring Run)

Third Day

Backpacking (Laurel Fork)

Seventh Day

Eighth Day (Douthat State Park)

Forestry Trip (West Virginia)

Twelfth Day

Thirteenth Day (Aquatics Trip)

Fourteenth Day

Last Day



Mr. Josh Craft, Instructor
Teacher, Clifton Middle School, Low Moor, VA

Ms. Jane DeGroot, Site Director and Instructor
Advanced Biology Teacher, Alleghany High School, Covington, VA

Mr. Robert McNown, Mentor-Aide
Student, College of William & Mary

Ms. Amanda Peterson, Mentor-Aide
Student, James Madison University

Dr. Susan Rollinson, Program Director
Director, Jackson River Governor's School, Clifton Forge, VA
Adjunct Instructor, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Clifton Forge, VA

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Updated 7/6/07